Updates a comin’…

Hi everyone out there in TAF Blues land. Good news! As you’ll see, VIVA LOVE FOREVER has been posted below. And with the weekend coming up, we’re going to try and supply you with as much content as we can to remember and reflect on TAF 2009 (which was just a week ago!)

But please be patient; a lot of us will be in the Bay Area this weekend to celebrate the wedding of two TAFers, former Youth advisor Joy Wang and former Executive Director Timothy Huang! Visit www.joyandtimothy.com to read more about them. So hopefully we can get some posts in between all the festivities this weekend.

For now though, please tide yourself over with this blog:TAF Reflections. It will make for some good reading. Please email tafreflections09@gmail.com if you would like to post (which we highly recommend!).

We promise the new posts will be worth the wait (slideshow!). Talk to you soon!

Welcome to the TAF Blog!

Welcome to the brand new TAF blog! Follow us here for exciting updates throughout the week of TAF and beyond. We have some awesome treats in store for you. To kick things off, we’d like to share the introduction video from this year’s welcome ceremony.

Follow young Brussell as he meets the Taiwanese American Fountainnn and learns about ethics and values and what it means to SPROUT!