TAF Awareness Week Kicks Off!

Can you believe it? Only 5 more weeks till TAF 2011 begins! Join us on spreading the word on TAF this year with our TAF Awareness Facebook campaign!

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Help spread the word about TAF whether you’re a camper or alumni! Download and upload the photo above as your own profile picture, then copy/paste this caption to tell everyone at least 3 TAF memories you’ll never forget. Read about mine below and find more ways to share the tafLove at http://tafworld.org/share!

For us at the tafBlog, our 3 favorite tafBlog related memories are:

1. Our very first post back in July of 2009!
2. This amazing photo of Melody before we launched the TAF2010 Photogallery.
3. Ming Bieber. ‘Nuff said.


TAF 2011!

Greetings TAFers far and wide! TAF 2011: “THE ONES” is less than 3 months away and we can’t wait to come together from all corners of the nation for a week of awesome and this year’s theme of Servant Leadership! Online registration is coming soon to www.tafworld.org – please check the site in the next couple of weeks and remind your friends and family to register!

REMINDER: If you are interested in being “THE ONES” to serve TAF as a Juniors counselor, JH counselor, Youth advisor, or Youth coordinator, please be sure to apply by May 15th at http://bit.ly/tafstaffapp2011 — TAF happens only because YOU decide to serve and make this year a memorable one full of fun, togetherness, exploration, and growth!

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions to pose to the TAF program directors, please reach out to the following people:
– Juniors: Emmeline Kuo & Sherry Lin (juniors@tafworld.org)
– Junior High: Michelle Hsu & Young Lee (juniorhigh@tafworld.org)
– Youth: Alex Yang & Ming Young (youth@tafworld.org)
– tafLabs: Jon Lee & Kevin Yau (labs@tafworld.org)

Any other general thoughts/concerns can be addressed to karen.lin@tafworld.org. See you at TAF 2011!!


Editors Note: ***APRIL FOOLS!*** — The real TAF 2011 theme name coming soon 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re excited to introduce to you your TAF 2011 theme! Leader Fever won out over other strong contestants after weeks of deliberation from TAF Board Members and Program Directors. TAF Marketing Director Andrea Hong said, “We want to capitalize on what is hip and in, and what’s better than playing off the phenomenon that follows The Biebs right now?” Moreover, ED Karen Lin agreed that not only is the theme name timely in the pop culture world, but, “it also carries a deeper meaning because it builds a passion for servant leadership.” Youth Program Director Alex Yang responded glowingly with ” >: ) “.

Other potential theme names included Our World 2.0.11, Somebody to Lead, The Ones, and Eeniee Meenie Leadie. It wasn’t until Juniors PD Sherry Lin noticed the trend that JH PD Michelle Hsu proposed Servant Biebership or Jarrell & Justin, the latter which morphed into Leader Fever. However, the name did not come without any debate. Labs PDs Kevin Yau & Jon Lee refused to comment, mumbling about “young kids these days”, and when Juniors PD Emmeline Kuo declared that she’d never vote for Leader Fever, JH PD Young Lee quickly retorted, “NEVER SAY NEVER”, a quote from the Mr. Bieber’s critically acclaimed documentary, Never Say Never.

Tell us what YOU think! Only four more months till TAF2011!


TAF2011:Leader Fever begins July 31st through August 7th. Stay tuned to www.tafworld.org for more updates. Staff Applications available on the website!

Photo credit: 1. Anna Wu Photography 2. Justin Bieber