Be Inspired at TAF 2015!


Our official hashtag for this year is TAFWorld15. Follow along with us throughout the week on our social media channels in order of frequent postings:

  • Snapchat — download the app on your cell phone and find us under username snapTAFworld
  • Instagram
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  • Twitter

Important Parents Announcements

  • As a reminder, parents will need to pick up their children at Manchester University on Sunday, August 2. The program concludes at the end of lunch.
  • If you’re planning to be on campus anytime on Friday and Saturday, you will need to be registered regardless if you stay with us or not. This is to help us manage a safe environment where we know who can be and who cannot be with the conference. Click here to register and be sure to add yourself for the Parents Weekend program. 
  • Parents who are participating in the Weekend Parents Program. Please check in on Friday anytime between 3pm-5pm EST and join us for dinner at 5:30pm.