Driving Your Child to TAF

For parents who are driving their child to TAF, please plan on arriving between 1pm and 4:30pm EST on Sunday.

The address to Manchester University is 604 E College, North Manchester, IN 46962. When you arrive, you will see signs directing you to registration for each program.

Bus Information


TAFAF organizes buses to transport campers to the summer conference on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Buses originate from one of three cities: Chicago, Detroit, and St. Louis. The fee for the Chicago and Detroit buses is $50 per person, and the fee for the St. Louis bus is $75 per person.

These are one-way buses only. Charter buses will not be traveling back to originating cities when TAF ends and campers will need to arrange their own transportation. Parents are encouraged to attend the Parents Weekend program that begins on Friday and then drive their children home.

Buses will NOT be making stops between the scheduled stops. Bathrooms are on board and passengers should either eat beforehand or bring a lunch or snacks/drinks.

Seats are limited and are available first come first served. Campers should register early to secure a seat.

Pickup Location: Oak Brook Mall (Macy’s Parking Lot)Pickup Location #1: Somerset Mall in Troy, MI (Parking Lot across Somerset South)Pickup Location: St. Louis Galleria Mall (Parking Lot facing Hwy 64, Macy’s South Entrance)
Departure: 12:30PM CSTDeparture #1: 12:00PM ESTDeparture: 8:45AM CST
Estimated Arrival: 4:30PM CSTPickup Location #2: Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, MI (Bus Stop between Macy’s and Sears)Estimated Arrival: 4:30 PM EST
Departure #2: 1:00 PM EST
Estimated Arrival: 4:00 PM EST

Fort Wayne International Airport Shuttles

rsz__byl1874Van shuttles are also available to transport campers flying in or out of Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA). The fee is $50 per person for round trip shuttle service to/from FWA or $40 for one way.

Flights into FWA should arrive before 4pm on Sunday. Flights departing from FWA can depart at anytime. TAF recommends staying for lunch to allow time for packing and good-byes.

Please be sure to input your child’s contact and flight information during registration, or email these details to