Now with lyrics, re-watch the Juniors Program’s opening to TAF Night 2011. Cutest thing ever.

TAF Real World – Week #25 of 51


As the Junior Staff of 2010, we wanted to share a few things we learned from our campers last year. Even though they may be much younger and sometimes half the size of their Big Sibs, they are so full of love. They have so much to offer to the TAF Family, and they even taught us, the STAFF, a few things about loving out loud. Here are a few things we learned:

Karena: I learned from TAF that Loving Out Loud means loving and welcoming people even though they’ve been absent from TAF for 8 years (like me); TAFers don’t discriminate if you’re a return camper or a new camper, they give you unconditional love out loud regardless of how many years you’ve been at TAF, which makes you feel even more at home.

Sherry: I learned form the JRs that Loving Out Loud means accepting those who might be a little different and becoming their friend.

Roger: I learned from the JRs that Loving Out Loud means listening to your friends, holding doors for others, and writing notes to each other. 🙂

Liz: I learned form the JRs that Loving Out Loud means loving like a child – without prejudice, without judgment, without conditions- because everybody needs love.

Steven: I learned from JRs that Loving Out Loud means caring for others enthusiastically, especially when times are tough.

Kristin: I learned from JRs that Loving Out Loud means to take the time to listen to what they have to say.

Deanna: I learned from the JRs that Loving Out Loud means to serve others and the importance of encouraging others. Mad props juniors!

Emmeline: I learned from the JRs that Loving Out Loud means thinking about other people before yourself and finding ways to make whatever they’re doing easier.

David: i learned from the juniors that loving out loud is easier than multivarible integration.

Godwin: I learned from JRs that sometimes Loving Out Loud is going just a little out of our way to show someone we care about them, like telling a friend how much I appreciate their company or putting candy in our small groups’ mailbox.

Thanks for showing us how to LOL!!!!

TAF Real World – Week #4 of 51

It’s story time with Liz for WEEK 4 (or 48 WEEKS ’til TAF!)

Put on your PJs and bring your teddy bear…

We want to hear/see/read/experience your thoughts on LOVING OUT LOUD! Whether it’s how you showed love to someone, or how someone loved on you, or maybe even both!

We need a few more volunteers to post, so please LOL and sign up here!

Encourage your friends to sign up. Feel free to buddy up and post together.

Instructions are listed on the spreadsheet.



Youth Choir – Across the Universe by The Beatles

JH Choir – Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

Juniors Choir – Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

TAF Night 2010 – Swing Choir Update

Woohoo TAF Night acts! We’ll be uploading all the acts in the next week or so, or as much as our TAF Blog upload speed allows. We wanted to get the program swing choirs out to you first though, so everyone can spend this weekend learning (or re-learning) all the amazing moves!

Juniors “The Rise and Fall of D & K”

JH “Better Than YOUth”

Youth “Pretty Girl Swag”

Youth “Got More Swag”

Keep checking back for more updates from TAF Night 2010!

Send TAF a Happy 30th Birthday video!

As you may know by now, this year is TAF’s 30th birthday! Even though you may not be at TAF right now, help us celebrate by sending us a short video telling us who you are, what years you went to TAF, and some quick birthday wishes and we’ll feature them on the blog!

You can upload them to your own account or ours on youtube:

user: tafshare
password: what the “t” in taf stands for!

Email us at

UPDATE: A post-TAF happy birthday video from “the original” Alex Yang!

Behind the Scenes: TAF Board Retreat

photoTAF board members and PDs are meeting in Chicago this weekend to talk about the future and direction of TAF!

Right now, PDs are giving program presentations to the board!


Also, there was a (near) unanimous on an issue very important to the board – Chicago-style stuffed pizza for lunch!

Daily Recap: Tuesday

Travel with the TAF Juniors as they venture through time and space, collecting facts about Taiwan history and culture in an effort to save the future. It’s just another creative way that our program takes advantage of the imagination of our elementary age children in order to effectively engage them in the lessons.

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Anna Wu
Video by Jon Lee and Captain Ho Chie