Who’s at TAF?


Here are some fun unscientific facts about the attendees of TAF 2009:

TAFers by Region

  • As usual, Illinois and Michigan are strong in representation. Which one brings more TAFers? This year, Illinois takes the win with 74 TAFers. A measly 65 from Michigan.
  • Missouri has a strong showing at 29.
  • There are more TAFers from California (13) than Ohio (10), but New York beats them both at 16!
  • Sadly, Juniors Speaker Nick Huang is our lone TAFer from Indiana.
  • No Canadians this year.
  • TAFers by name

  • Winning the title of most powerful family, we have 23 Chens, followed closely by 20 Lins.
  • There are more De la Paz’s (4) than Youngs (1) and Yaos (1) combined.
  • There are 9 John/Jons, in various spellings.
  • There are just as many Tiffany’s as Kevins: 6 each.
  • TAFers old and new

  • We welcome 47 brand new campers this year!
  • And the grand total at TAF 2009 is 245 TAFers. Feel the love!

  • Welcome to the TAF Blog!

    Welcome to the brand new TAF blog! Follow us here for exciting updates throughout the week of TAF and beyond. We have some awesome treats in store for you. To kick things off, we’d like to share the introduction video from this year’s welcome ceremony.

    Follow young Brussell as he meets the Taiwanese American Fountainnn and learns about ethics and values and what it means to SPROUT!