TAF Waitlist FAQ

NOTE: For TAF 2023, all programs are implementing a camper capacity limit.

Why is there a waitlist?

In order to maintain TAF’s high standards of safety and quality, a cap is set for our program attendance numbers to ensure ideal camper-to-counselor ratios and to provide the best experience possible for all at TAF.

How does the waitlist work?

TAF will notify parents on a rolling basis as spots become available, prioritizing campers who had registered the earliest. If the parent confirms that their child is able to attend, TAF will email the parents an updated confirmation page with a payment link. The parent must finish payment in order to confirm their spot and complete registration. All campers who are still on the waitlist on June 1, 2023 will be notified of the final decisions.

Should I register my child even after their program is full?

Yes, TAF recommends registering your child as soon as possible even if the camper capacity limit has been reached. Not only does this give you higher priority as spots become available, registering early also secures a seat on the bus if you are interested in having your child take the bus from Chicago, Detroit/Ann Arbor, or St. Louis.

Should I register for a bus?

Yes, waitlisted campers should register for a bus so that a seat is secured if they are able to attend TAF.

Will I be charged if I’m on the waitlist?

Campers on the waitlist will not be charged until a spot opens up and the parents confirm that their child can attend.

What if I have a child who is on the waitlist for their program and another child who is not waitlisted (in a different program)?

You may register for multiple programs and will only need to pay for the camper(s) who have confirmed registration statuses. You will not be charged for the camper on the waitlist until it is confirmed that they are able to attend.

If you decide to cancel your registration for all campers, please email us at hello@tafworld.org by 11:59 PM Central on June 1, 2023 in order to receive a full refund.

Email hello@tafworld.org if you have additional questions.