The Youth Program is designed for those who have completed grades 9-12. Individuals going into their first year of college are also welcome in this program as well.

Today’s teens face enormous challenges that previous generations did not experience, all while trying to balance Taiwanese values in their western world. TAF aims to provide a supportive, safe, and non-judgmental environment for individuals to express and work out such problems in a healthy and mature manner.

Our Youth Mission

The mission of the TAF Youth Program is to inspire and empower teens to affect positive change in the world around them, by fostering personal growth and cultivating leadership skills. We give campers the tools to evaluate themselves within the framework of one of four rotating themes: Identity, Ethics and Values, Communication, and Leadership. The themes are particularly relevant to Youth campers as they navigate the transition into adulthood.

We divide campers into small groups that become their family for the week. Youth Advisors do not lecture or judge; instead, they offer a supportive environment for campers to assess themselves, they listen and empathize, and they share their own experiences.

By growing together, TAF hopes the Youth program can provide campers with pride in their Taiwanese heritage and with the confidence they need to reach their fullest potential as they enter adulthood.

Daily Activities

A typical day for a camper in the Youth program begins after breakfast with Speaker Session and Small Group Time, where campers discuss their thoughts and learnings from the morning. In the afternoon, Youth campers put their ‘Big Sib’ hat on by interacting with their Junior and/or JH camper, then practice their swing choir choreography or choir song for TAF Night.

We also develop programming specifically for this age group, which includes Advisor-Led workshops on topics such as Cooking, ‘What to Expect in College’, and Asian American Topics in History. Finally, we engage Youth campers’ skills and talents through team-oriented sessions, including The TAF Amazing Race, Lip-Sync Battle, The NewlyPaired Advisor Game, and beyond.

Our goal is to create a balanced program of reflective, thought-provoking learning opportunities and fun, challenging leadership activities for our high-school campers.

If your teen is interested in a leadership role at TAF, please keep an eye out for the Youth Coordinator application. Coordinators are Youth campers that help lead games, host TAF Night, and more to create a welcoming environment for their peers.