tafLabs is a project-based program comprised of college students, recent grads, and adults who are passionate about TAF and want to give back by volunteering their talents. The program creates and grows projects that apply the talents and the skills of TAF’s servant leaders to make great things happen for the community. Unlike the other three programs, tafLabs is a year-round program.

tafLabs also strives to foster personal growth and development so that participants can express their most authentic selves. The program aims to impact humankind in unique and compassionate ways for the next generation through ideas, creativity, and innovation.

During the summer conference there is a flexible schedule for tafLabs. There are scheduled speaker sessions, round table discussions, and other group activities. Otherwise the team can be found shooting video footage for daily recap videos, putting together the slideshow for TAF Night, managing social media channels to show parents what their kids have been learning, or working on a range of other projects. tafLabs is the operational behind-the-scenes team during the Summer Conference.

Here are some reasons to join tafLabs:

  • Evaluate where you are in your life and where you want to go

  • Make new friends and strengthen your support network

  • Expand your knowledge and perspectives

  • Practice servant leadership and develop your skills through TAF projects

  • Give back to the TAF community