Sprouts and Juniors

As of TAF 2020, the Juniors Program will be transitioning into two separate programs: Sprouts and Juniors.

This new split aims to address challenges that the program has faced in the past years, including: the growing imbalance in our counselor to camper ratio, a lack of space to safely run activities, a need to be mindful of the differences in comprehension between the age groups in our program, and more. The age cutoff for the programs are: Sprouts (just finished grades 1-3) and Juniors (just finished grades 4-5).

The Sprouts and Juniors Programs are a values-driven camp experience, with Sprouts designed for children who have completed grades 1-3 and Juniors for children who have completed grades 4-5.

Our Sprouts/Juniors Vision

The Sprouts/Juniors Programs focuses on the child’s development of lifelong skills through fun and unique experiences in a community that cultivates respect for self, others, and the environment. We want to empower young minds for servant leadership and innovative thinking for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our Mission

As TAF revolves around four key themes, new lessons and workshops are designed by our dedicated Juniors counselors every year that adheres to the following in order to immerse the children into various approaches to fully comprehend the theme of the year:

  • To inspire Sprouts and Juniors campers/counselors to be more than they thought they could be.
  • To spark joy through their TAF journey and apply these experiences in their lives.
  • To discover the power of vulnerability and gain the courage to unravel into their best selves.

A Typical Day for a Juniors Camper

Juniors are divided into small groups that are consisted of 6 to 8 campers and led by at least 2 counselors. The ratio of 3 to 4 campers per counselor ensures sufficient supervision.

Juniors have fun-filled days at TAF that include but not limited to the daily activities below:

  • Speaker Session – Morning sessions with the speaker to learn about the theme of the year
  • Swing Choir (Dance) & Choir – Dancing and singing sessions that are practiced daily and performed at TAF Night
  • Counselor-designed Workshops – Workshops that are created and conducted by Juniors counselors
  • Family (big/lil’ sib) Time – Camp-wide inter-programming for campers to create relationships with campers/staff outside of the Juniors Program
  • Small Group Time – Blocked-off sessions led by their designated counselors with their fellow campers to reflect on the lesson(s) taught that day alongside sib letters and small group bonding
  • “Wash Yo’ Self” – Lights-out festivities including showering, brushing teeth, and calling the parents to ease the bouts of homesickness