Reasons to join Labs:

  • Evaluate your position in life and where you want to go
  • Make friends and strengthen your support network
  • Explore your cultural identity and heritage in a safe space with peers
  • Practice servant leadership and develop skills through a personal project

About Labs

In Labs, our program members include college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. Our programming and speaker sessions will plant seeds by helping members think critically about various aspects of their identity and their unique Taiwanese-American heritage. Many workshops throughout the week are member-led. We want members to explore and express their authentic selves. Examples of previous workshops include:

  • Taiwanese Home Cooking
  • Public Speaking
  • Muay Thai
  • Adulting 101
  • Round Table Discussions on Race and Gender
  • Model Minority Myth Panel Discussion
  • Asian American Solidarity with BLM Panel Discussion

Concurrent Labs Projects

Throughout the week, Labs members will cultivate a personal project to explore their passions and creativity in service of TAF and the Taiwanese American community. Our program directors will provide one-on-one support and help members set goals and benchmarks to accomplish their vision. Previous and ongoing projects include:

At the end of the week, the lessons gained at TAF will be used by members to forge a mission statement that not only grounds our identities, but also allows us to bloom and flourish. What are you about? What do you care about? What do you want to do?