The Juniors Program is a values-driven camp experience designed for children who have completed grades 1-5.


We believe a child’s age should not be looked at as an obstacle to overcome, but rather, an opportunity to cooperatively develop unique and engaging activities that encompass both lessons and play.

We invite parents to have their children attend the Juniors program this summer to grant their little ones a chance to explore the themes of TAF through structured workshops and from interacting with their fellow campers. We organize campers through small groups of 6-8 that are led by a pair of Junior’s counselors to provide sufficient attention to every child during activities. The low ratio of 3-to-4 campers per counselor means counselors are able to provide sufficient supervision for the campers and ensure baths are had, teeth are brushed, balanced meals get eaten, and parents are called for daily updates and to ease bouts of homesickness.

Programming is developed entirely by a dedicated corps of volunteer counselors, staff, and guest speakers. Lessons are usually distilled through workshops, small group activities, and intimate speaker sessions. Campers are also encouraged to let loose and be their most creative through a steady diet of dance, singing, and arts & crafts workshops.

In a typical day in the life of a Juniors camper, days start off at rousing up fellow campers and counselors in order to make it over to the Jo Young Switzer Center for a nutritional breakfast. Afterwards programming begins with Speaker Sessions followed by Juniors Pals, where the Juniors speaker and PD’s take campers on a week-long lesson on this year’s camp theme including how to apply these lessons when they are back at home. Juniors are then taught new dances and songs for their performance at TAF Night. Lunch is served thereafter and the afternoon’s programming are filled with workshops that are created and conducted by Juniors counselors, ranging from learning Taiwanese, making fan-tuan, or getting to role-play as detectives in a case and leopards on the hunt! Dinner is served in the evenings, and nights end with activities like story time & snacks or a Juniors dance party. Finally, campers return to their rooms for bath time and phone calls to parents before bedtime.