Junior High

The Junior High Program (JH) is for children who have completed grades 6-8.

Middle school students experience new levels of independence for the first time, which can be exciting yet tough. As your children tackle physical changes and new social challenges, TAF provides a safe, supportive space for them to develop the confidence they need to be a teenager.

Our JH Goals

The TAF JH Program is designed to meet the developmental needs of our campers, withour staff preparing age-appropriate activities. Our small group structure for JH (two counselors per 6-8 campers) ensures that campers have the close support and supervision they need while still giving children the space to take measured risks in an encouraging environment.

Our structure helps campers explore what it means to be Taiwanese American with our counselors as role models. Throughout the week, our programming focuses on fostering meaningful social connections, developing teamwork skills, practicing servant-leadership, and applying healthy frameworks for self-discovery.

We work closely with our guest speaker and counselors to create engaging lessons on one of TAF’s four rotating themes: Identity, Ethics and Values, Communication, and Leadership. In this year’s theme of Communication, campers will gain hands-on lessons and experiences of how to effectively utilize conversational skills.

Daily Activities

A typical day for a JH camper begins with Speaker Sessions at 9 am: these lessons challenge campers to reflect on theme-related topics. Small groups then discuss together how they can apply these lessons to their lives. The morning wraps up with workshops led by our counselors. Campers get to be physically active out in the field, learn more about their Taiwanese heritage, or hone some new skills such as crafting a catapult or performing improve theatre.

After lunch, activities range from playing games with their Big Sib to learning swing choir choreography for TAF Night. After dinner, evening activities include guided dialogues on race, gender, culture, and current social issues. These dialogues provide campers the chance to express their thoughts, and learn how to actively listen and empathize. Evening activities also include the TAF Teahouse and Informal Dance as well as the Night Market. At the end of such a busy day, counselors make sure campers are in their rooms getting ready for bed when curfew hits at 10:30 pm.