July 2022 Update

Updated COVID Protocols

Last Updated July 8, 2022

The TAF Medical Team is presenting this revised TAF 2022 COVID Pre-Screening Protocol. In light of the rapid spread of multiple COVID Omicron subvariants and changing testing availability, we are modifying our protocols to ensure that we can conduct another safe TAF.

All TAF attendees will be required to submit TWO COVID tests prior to TAF.

  1. The first test, either a PCR/NAAT test OR a home antigen test, will be done 72 hours prior to the first day of your arrival.
  2. The second test, a home antigen test, will be done within 24 hours of your arrival to TAF.

All tests, especially at-home rapid antigen tests, should include the TAFer’s name, date, and time in which the test was completed. Please upload a photo of the negative test results to the confirmation page from registration.

You may claim free tests from the government if you have not done so already. We believe that this serial testing strategy will help us more actively monitor potential COVID spread.

Note that parents who are spending time on campus during drop off on Sunday, July 24th are asked to complete the COVID pre-screening testing.

If you or your TAFer tests positive for COVID, you should immediately discuss results with your doctor. Please follow the CDC guidelines for isolation. Because the test result is positive, you or your TAFer cannot attend TAF, and we will reimburse any registration and transportation fees for each TAFer.

If you or your TAFer previously tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days prior to TAF, you must also submit two negative rapid antigen tests.

If any TAFer has any symptoms of illness or fever, even with a negative COVID test, they should not attend TAF. Please notify the TAF Medical Team at medical@tafworld.org. We will refund the TAF registration.

Please be prepared to pick up your TAFer in the event of a program or TAF closure.

During TAF, we will be reinstating and strictly enforcing our indoor mask policy during all programming. Masks will be mandatory except during meal times, sleeping, and the water fight. Furthermore, we are requiring masking for any attendee while traveling through airports or other public transportation during the week prior to TAF. We thank you in advance for your help in keeping TAF 2022 safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Medical Director, Karena Woo karena.woo@tafworld.org or TAF President Ho Chie Tsai hochie.tsai@tafworld.org.



If my PCR/NAAT test result is not back before TAF starts, will I still be able to go to TAF? 

If the TAFer initial test is a PCR/NAAT which has not resulted prior to the initial first day of TAF, the TAFer may still attend as long as the rapid antigen test within 24 hours of the first day at TAF is negative.

Will masks be provided?

We encourage that TAFers bring their own masks and change them daily throughout the week.  If a TAFer runs out of masks, we will have a limited supply available.

Will there be on-site tests available? 

The TAF Medical Team will have some on-site rapid antigen tests available generally reserved for suspect cases or those who we deem as high-risk. Please bring additional tests if you would like to optionally test before leaving TAF.

What happens if I test positive while I am at TAF?

Any TAFer who tests positive at camp will immediately trigger the COVID Isolation Protocol and will be immediately sent home from TAF. Please have emergency arrangements for transportation so that the TAFer can be safely brought home.

Where can I find rapid antigen testing?

Rapid antigen tests can be found at local pharmacies, ordered online, or you can request your free kits from the government. We suggest that an order is placed now to receive kits for TAF pre-screening.

If I was recently positive for COVID, should I do a PCR test?

Only two serial negative home antigen tests are required if a TAFer recently tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days, as the more sensitive PCR test may still remain positive COVID even though the TAFer is no longer contagious or infected.

If I want to drop off my child on their first day of TAF, should I test for COVID? 

We are asking parents to follow the same testing protocol as full week attendees if they wish to drop off their child at Manchester. We ask that parents upload their negative test results along with their camper’s test results into the registration portal.

Why are you requiring 2 serial tests?

We are requiring 2 separate tests in order to ensure that false negatives or subsequent COVID exposure after the first test may be detected. Please try to limit possible COVID exposure pre-TAF and take all precautions while traveling to TAF.

How will TAF respond to a potential COVID-19 case or positive test during camp?

These protocols are subject to change. We will be testing close contacts and any campers and staffers who display symptoms of any illness at TAF with an on-site, rapid antigen test, and isolating those individuals as appropriate. The Medical Team may also request and authorize the camper/staffer to be driven off-campus for a confirmatory PCR/NAAT test.

Once an individual has a negative COVID-19 test and has been cleared of any infectious disease by our on-site Medical Team, they may return to normal camp activities.

  • If the camper tests positive for COVID-19, parents will need to make arrangements to pick up the camper as soon as possible, and contact tracing will begin with testing of close contacts (roommates and small group members).
  • If the camper tests negative with a fever, the camper will remain in isolation until the rapid COVID-19 test AND an NAAT/PCR test are negative. If symptoms are improving and the camper has been fever free for 12 hours, the camper can return back to activities wearing an N95 or KN95 mask, which we will provide.
  • If the camper tests negative without a fever, isolation continues until the Medical Team determines it is safe for them to resume activities. If the symptoms were potentially respiratory, the camper may be required to wear an KN95 or N95 mask, which we will provide.

All final determinations are to be made by TAF’s Medical Team and Medical Director.