TAF 2022 Speakers

Sprouts – Kimberly Fang

Kimberly Fang is a 30-year-old violinist and teacher based in Providence, Rhode Island. She first came to TAF in 2014 as a Juniors counselor and has been in love with the community and its values ever since. She has always loved working with and teaching children and is very excited to be the Sprouts Speaker this year. Kimberly dreams of the day when she can finally return to Taiwan after the pandemic settles down. In the meantime, she continues to hone her skills in being a cat whisperer, cross-stitching, and aerial yoga.

Juniors – Jason Lai

This year’s speaker for the Juniors program is Jason Lai. Jason is a longtime TAFer who went through the junior, junior high, and youth programs, and joined staff in 2010 as a Juniors Counselor. He graduated from St Louis College of Pharmacy in 2016 and currently works as a dispensing pharmacist for Omnicare. Jason looks forward to having a fun week teaching the campers about ethics and values, and hopes the kids are looking forward to it too!

Junior High – Neel Tiruviluamala

Neel Tiruviluamala teaches math at USC and also consults with companies on mathematical problems (blockchain, ML, etc.). He loves learning what students are passionate about and working with them on interesting problems. He has been a faculty in residence for the past five years, which means he works with students to program activities that involve exploring Los Angeles, creating campus competitions, and that generally aim to bring students and faculty of various backgrounds together. In his spare time, he enjoys playing and listening to music, reading at coffee shops, and playing board games or sports with friends.

Youth – Will Leu

Will is serving this year as TAF Youth Speaker. He has been attending TAF as a Juniors Counselor, Juniors Program Director, and Juniors & Sprouts program Speaker since 2011. Will works with his family in real estate and is currently living in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Shannon Sung. Will graduated in 2012 from Purdue University in Sociology and Asian-American Studies, previously performed spoken word in another life, and is currently taking bookings as a wedding MC (please contact Shannon Sung).

Labs – Anna Wu

Anna is a longtime TAFer who has participated in almost every program and role at TAF, including being a founding member of TAF Labs program over a decade ago. She is honored to return now as the Labs speaker. For the week ahead, Anna will guide the Labs community in exploring the question, “What is a good life?” through the topics of vulnerability, core values, purpose, connection, and gratitude. Anna is a wedding and portrait photographer and has run her own business for fifteen years. She lives in San Francisco with her fiancé Alex, who is joining along for his first ever week of TAF.

Guest Speakers & TAF Talkers

Kara Chang, Bailey Wong, and Bing Wang