TAF 2021 FAQ

Subject to change. Last updated April 20, 2021.

The TAF 2021 FAQ will be updated as regularly as possible, based on changing guidelines and information.

Health & Safety 

Does TAF have COVID-19 policies in place to ensure safety for campers/staffers?
Yes. We have developed extensive guidelines to proactively create safe TAF experience by limiting the spread of communicable disease. These guidelines have all been created with our TAF Medical Team. All practices were developed in accordance with guidelines put forth by the American Camp Association (ACA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Manchester University and local health requirements.

My child and/or someone in my immediate family is immunosuppressed (i.e. higher risk for severe illness) . Can we still participate this summer?
Out of an abundance of care and precaution, TAFers with any comorbidities or living as part of a higher-risk household should consult a physician before deciding to participate in TAF. Though we are taking extensive actions to keep the community safe, TAF is not able to guarantee that a person on our site will not be exposed to COVID-19. If you have any concerns, please contact medical@tafworld.org to set up a time to discuss how we can help.

How will TAF respond to a potential COVID-19 case or positive test during camp?
While these protocols are subject to change, we are looking to obtain rapid tests for usage on campus, and have access to PCR testing off-campus. We will be testing symptomatic campers and staffers at camp, and isolating those individuals as we wait for results. Once an individual has a negative COVID-19 test and has been cleared of any infectious disease by our on-site medical staff, they may return to normal camp activities. A camper who tests positive for COVID-19 or shows signs of fever or respiratory symptoms will be isolated, and parents will need to make arrangements to pick up the camper as soon as possible. 

What resources does TAF have in place to respond to illness at Camp?
As in previous years, we will have a team of full-time vaccinated medical staff who will be working and living on site for the duration of TAF. They will be available 24/7 for medications, injuries, and sickness. We will be dedicating additional resources for on-site testing, PPE, and sanitation, as well as allocating staff to ensure full compliance with our COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Who will be entering Manchester campus this summer beyond campers and staff?
To ensure we keep TAF quarantine “bubble” intact, we may be drastically limiting interaction with any visitors this summer. This will include contactless check-in and check-out procedures. We may not be able to have an on-site Parents Program this year. The only other people who will be allowed are Manchester staff who provide essential services to TAF. All staff will be masked and socially distanced from TAFers as much as practicable.

Will campers be required to quarantine prior to coming to camp?
We will suggest that campers and their families use appropriate COVID-19 precautions in the 14 days prior to camp — specific details to be provided at least one month before camp.

Will campers be required to be vaccinated prior to arrival at camp?
At this time, it is unlikely COVID-19 vaccines will be approved and available for children below the age of 16 by this summer and therefore a COVID-19 vaccine will not be required for registration. We do, however, encourage all eligible members of our TAF households to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Will staff be vaccinated before camp?
All eligible TAF participants are highly encouraged to become fully vaccinated before attending camp. If anyone has concerns about meeting this expectation, please contact us.

Will there be daily COVID-19 screenings for my camper?
Campers will have their temperature taken at least once per day. Additional screenings may be added as needed.

Will campers need to wear a mask while at camp?
According to CDC guidelines and Manchester University policy, campers will need to be prepared to wear a mask for the majority of camp, especially when they are indoors. Exceptions may include during meal times, as well as inside their private rooms.

What precautions will you take regarding using common space facilities and other gathering locations?
As always, high touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day before and after each activity. Manchester University staff will also clean common space facilities daily.

  • Dining Hall/Meal Times: We expect to schedule and stagger dining times by cohorts and will utilize a combination of indoor and outdoor eating to help further promote social distancing. A modified salad bar and drink station with most items “grab and go” or served by Manchester staff will reduce the amount of utensils and surfaces touched by campers and staff. All food workers will be masked and gloved while in the kitchen and serving food. We’ll provide more details as the summer approaches.

Do parents need to get tested before dropping their children off?
Our contactless in-car check-in and check-out procedure should eliminate the need for parental testing. However, any stay on campus beyond that will likely require additional proof of vaccination or testing. We also will require that campers and their families use appropriate COVID-19 precautions in the 14 days prior to camp. We will provide specific details at least one month prior to the start of camp

Financial Information

Will the rates increase for 2021?
TAF is committed to supporting its community during the COVID-19 pandemic. TAF will not be raising registration rates for 2021 and will have a limited amount of financial aid to support those TAF families in need.

Will I get a refund if camp is canceled or my child needs to come home early?
If we have to cancel camp before the first day of the session, we will provide a complete refund. If we have to send a camper home early, we will do our best to provide a prorated refund.

Registration & Programming

How do I register and when is TAF?
We plan on opening registration in late May. TAF 2021 will take place July 25th through August 1st. 

Will TAF offer online programming this summer?
This has yet to be determined, based upon the results of our surveys as well as the capabilities of our staff. Accessibility is always a high priority for our community.

What will the daily schedule look like?
We anticipate re-envisioning most large-scale TAF-wide events with smaller ones. For example, family time and universal workshops might take place within your pod and not the entire camp. The traditional “tea-house” dance historically held in Union, may potentially be split into smaller dances or an outdoor event segmented into designated dance areas by age cohort. Some program activities may be altered or not offered based on the county/state health recommendations at the time of camp.

Will TAF still have large all-camp events such as family time?
The small group structure will be used throughout the week, as cohorts (aka pods) have been shown to reduce risks of transmission. Large group interactions will be very limited in comparison to past years.

Will TAF be running camp programs at full capacity?
We will be operating at half capacity out of Manchester University’s facilities. This includes housing arrangements; everyone will likely have their own room, though bathroom facilities may still be shared.

Will you be putting campers in pods/cohorts?
At this time we are planning on putting campers in age-based pods that we will use for all meals, camp programming, etc.

How many campers will there be in a small group/pod?
The size of these pods will be determined by our Medical Director following the latest data.

How will TAF Night work?
A determination on this has not yet been made, though safety is paramount in our decision-making process.


Will TAF offer bus transportation to camp?
We are continuing to assess the situation and are working on a variety of options for our TAF families, including the possibility of increasing the amount of buses in order to provide maximum distancing and ventilation.

Will parents be allowed to help campers move into their rooms during drop-off?
Our tentative plan is to use a contactless check-in process. Parents will be able to remain inside their vehicles while campers are assisted by staff in unloading belongings and moving into their assigned rooms. Families checking in multiple campers may be required to engage the check-in process multiple times at different dorms, once for each camper.

Can campers fly from out of state or out of the country to camp?
We may be able to accommodate campers who wish to fly in from out of the state, but this will depend on the CDC guidelines, which could contain restrictions on travel from specific areas.

Can my child fly into Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) and be transported to camp from there?
A determination on this has not yet been made, though Manchester does plan on running shuttle service to/from FWA.