Summer Conference Team: Youth

Some may say Eryn went to college and never left. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Eryn moved to the west coast to attend law school at the University of California (UC), Davis. That brought her to UC Berkeley, where she currently serves as Manager of Brand Protection and Business Projects. As a lifelong learner at one of the top universities in the world, Eryn is passionate about affecting positive change in higher education. Eryn’s hobbies include the following, in no particular order: bothering her dog with unintelligible noises; frolicking about the aisles of Costco; journaling through the art of creating music; volunteering at food banks; reading in her onesie(s); and whipping up disasters in the kitchen, particularly wrapping dumplings with homemade skin.

Allen Yu is from Naperville, IL attending his tenth year at TAF. He graduated from UIUC in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Integrative Biology. He worked in Forensics and Toxicology, but is currently going through a career change. In his spare time, Allen likes to cook, listen to podcasts, play board games with friends, and feed his dog Willie (even though he’s a little chubby already). He is one-third of the #YuCrew.