TAF2010: Daily Recap MONDAY

Newsletter coordinators Nicole Hsieh and Erica Lee give us an preview of things to come from North Manchester, Indiana!

And here we go!

Today TAFers studied the different classes and species of the animal kingdom, as well as observed animal attitudes and behaviors. Results may or may not be published in Nature sometime in the future.

They also learned that Force = mass x acceleration. See parents! We DO teach math here at TAF!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Nick and Victor meet for the first time at Sunday dinner after a year of separation.

Communication skills:

tafLabs 2010 update: another year of “Realizing Awesome”

As we look forward to another year of TAF, we will also be entering our second year of the tafLabs program, headed up by program directors Jon Lee and Kevin Yau! You may remember last year’s amazing slideshow among other fun projects by the tafLabs team members, and this year we look forward to a growing tafLabs family by introducing a new function and welcoming back a former TAFer — Andrea Hong as our Marketing Director!

You may be asking yourself: “What does this mean for TAF and for me?” For starters, it means that as an organization, TAF is continuing on its way to empowering everyone in our family to help us grow and fulfill our mission and vision through more and more awesome projects. If you would like to be part of action in helping TAF grow — and learning from each other in the process — then tell us what you can see yourself doing to help and/or what projects you hope we can accomplish in the near future!

Tell us why you want to join tafLabs — fill out this form by July 1, 2010: http://tinyurl.com/taflabs2010

Behind the Scenes: TAF Board Retreat

photoTAF board members and PDs are meeting in Chicago this weekend to talk about the future and direction of TAF!

Right now, PDs are giving program presentations to the board!


Also, there was a (near) unanimous on an issue very important to the board – Chicago-style stuffed pizza for lunch!

2010 Census Write in “Taiwanese” PSA is live!

From the folks involved with tafLabs and tafMedia – the 2010 US Census Write in “Taiwanese” Public Service Announcement is now live!

Check it out here: http://taiwaneseamerican.org/census2010

Remember! Be counted, be recognized! Tell everyone you know (Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese alike) and especially your parents! Look for the census forms in the mail this month.