Send TAF happy 30th birthday video messages!

As you may know by now, this year is TAF’s 30th birthday! Even though you may not be at TAF right now, help us celebrate by sending us a short video telling us who you are, what years you went to TAF, and some quick birthday wishes and we’ll feature them on the blog!

You can upload them to your own account or ours on youtube:

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The 30th birthday of the Taiwanese American Foundation’s annual summer conference starts TODAY! We here at the official TAF blog are excited to welcome those traveling in from across the country to Manchester College to LOVE OUT LOUD! And we hope for those of you following from home, either parents or past campers & staff unable to attend this year (insert sadface), this blog will keep everyone updated on the exciting events of TAF2010 and satiate some of the not-at-TAF Blues that can hit hard (insert more sadface). Maybe, just maybe, we can give the outside world a little taste of TAF (insert happy face!). There will be a plethora of updates and media content on display, such as the daily newsletter, video recaps, and other silly things, so stay tuned and share with others!

And to start you off right, we present to you a new music video called “TAF RULES”, starring Young Mingy feat. A.L.O. Enjoy and WELCOME TO TAF 2010!!!

Survey Time: What’s your favorite Taiwanese soft drink?

Hey TAFers! With TAF 2010 less a week away, it’s time to take a survey!

This year, we will be playing TAF Family Feud again and we need to survey YOU — current and alumni TAFers alike — for your help in generating the top answers for each question.

Please complete the survey by Monday, July 26 — and pass the word on to other TAFers! Thank you for your help and see you very soon!


And use this link to pass the word along:

TAF 2010: Love Out Loud


*** UPDATE: Regular registration deadline is now July 10, 2010! Register Now >> ***

Hello TAF Family! It’s almost July which means the countdown to TAF 2010: “Love Out Loud” is well underway — and the deadline for regular registration is right around the corner! We are very excited for this year’s theme of Communication and look forward to learning and developing our skills together on how to communicate with oneself, friends, family, and the community at large — and all the different ways we can do so with the technologies of today.

We hope the “Love Out Loud” theme name helps us communicate our hopes for everyone to not hesitate in openly expressing themselves at TAF — and to use this year, like we strive for every year, as an opportunity to practice opening our hearts to our own eyes and share our experiences with each other. Only louder, because we want to bring to the world a new meaning to the term “LOL” 🙂

This year is also special because we will be celebrating TAF’s 30th birthday! Join us in celebrating how TAF has grown and changed over the past 30 years — but shhhh! It’s a surprise, so you will have to come see for yourself what we have planned for everyone. And if you can’t join us, make sure to stay tuned to our blog for daily updates and recaps on the week’s activities!

See you very soon! And don’t forget to LOL!

TAF 2010: Save the Date!


Photos from TAF 2009 courtesy of Eddie Huang

TAF 2010 is already right around the corner! Can you smell the Manchester halls and taste the soft-serve ice cream? Do you remember your favorite ice breaker games? How about the name of your big or little ‘sib’? If you need help jogging your memory, just check out the daily logs from TAF 2009 in the posts below!

It’s never too late (or early) to start thinking about all the laughter and memories ahead of us, so save these dates in your calendar now:

TAF 2010: July 25 – August 1

Whether this will be your first time at TAF — or second, third, fourth or more — we all look forward to another year of profound and unique experiences! Join us in celebrating our dual heritage as Taiwanese Americans and building lifelong friendships from around the nation! Invite your relatives and your friends — the more, the merrier as always!

Online registration will be available soon, so be sure to check back here again!

In the meantime, 2010 Staff Applications are now available, so if you are interested in applying to be a Youth coordinator (for Youth campers only) or a counselor for Juniors, Junior High, or Youth, please fill out the form by May 15, 2010.

We will be back with more updates — but for now, this is your “2010 TAF Team” saying “see you soon!” and signing off for now:

– Juniors Program Directors: Emmeline Kuo and Elizabeth Wang
– Junior High Program Directors: Howard Chen and Michelle Hsu
– Youth Program Directors: Jessica Fu and Ming Young
– tafLabs Program Directors: Jon Lee and Kevin Yau
– Executive Director: Karen Lin

Behind the Scenes: TAF Board Retreat

photoTAF board members and PDs are meeting in Chicago this weekend to talk about the future and direction of TAF!

Right now, PDs are giving program presentations to the board!


Also, there was a (near) unanimous on an issue very important to the board – Chicago-style stuffed pizza for lunch!