TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Sunday


TAF is back! This year, hundreds of TAFers (new and returning) gathered up at Manchester College in North Manchester to celebrate another week of TAF. Please take a look at our first of MANY daily recaps and live the magic the campers are experiencing right now.


Because safety comes before fun!

Written and filmed by tafLabs. Starring Will Leu, Jesse Kao, and Bing Wang as “Stinky”. Cameos by Executive Director Jessica Fu, Ming Young, and Harmony Chiu.

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Identity, Values, Communication, and Servant Leadership.

TAF has been developing servant leaders within Taiwanese America for over thirty years. In that time, over five thousand people have attended TAF and learned about our four constant themes. If you are one of those five thousand people, chances are you created your own narrative for your time spent there, and felt a varying degree of emotions, experiences, challenges, successes, and failures.

Your collective stories become the narrative for TAF. A community of summer camp goers, brought together as kids with a shared heritage, but united together by 1 week out of 52 in Grand Rapids or North Manchester, learning about ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Forging personal growth and close friendships.

Hopefully you came back more than once. Hopefully you came back at least four times, to learn about each theme. And above all else, hopefully you shared the wisdom that you gained at TAF unto others. Because the true TAF Cycle isn’t just about four rotating themes, but also about paying forward all you learned at TAF to those you encounter, be it at TAF or outside of TAF, towards future generations.

And so we created this video to share what a complete TAF experience might be like. I know many of us started out at TAF in different ages and different programs, some of us didn’t have the opportunity or fortune to staff, nor do many of us even have children to send to TAF yet. But from precocious Junior to caring adult, we all own parts of this story, and so this is the important thing to remember — we have been and are still ALL part of the TAF Cycle narrative no matter where we are in life — alumni or current, staff or student, parent or child. And thus you share the hope with us, that we can all make a profound impact on mankind, for our future.

Hope to hear from you again at TAF 2012.

Early registration ends July 15th. Please register here at http://tafworld.org/registration.

Video Credits: Ho Chie Tsai, Anna Wu, and the rest of the tafLabs team.


Available at: http://tafworld.org/conference/staff. Apply today to experience servant leadership!

Oh and we know the tafBlog has been very quiet of late, but if you fill out the app you may notice some new things developing that we’ve been busy on. We aren’t finished just yet, but soon…soon you will witness the shiny new beacon of Epically Epicβ„’ light that is the Taiwanese American Foundation’s official home on the interwebs!

Camper registration opening soon as well! Stay tuned…


Now with lyrics, re-watch the Juniors Program’s opening to TAF Night 2011. Cutest thing ever.


Visit http://www.youtube.com/tafmediachannel and scroll down the right-hand sidebar to view them all πŸ™‚

And let us know if anyone has the “Such Great Heights” act with Angela, Andrew, Kevin, and Andrew, because our camera battery had to be changed in the midst of their song and we weren’t able to record it πŸ™

Enjoy folks! TAF 2011 Photo Gallery is our next project — that should be coming soon…


Since all of Youth was backstage preparing for their choir song, many of them weren’t able to watch what was many in tafLabs’ favorite performance of the evening, Will Leu’s Slam Poetry. So while all other TAF Night performances are edited and ready to upload (awesome!), we’re going to dedicate all of Friday to Will’s lyrical prose so you can watch it unencumbered in case you missed it.

Yay it’s Friday, Friday, and tomorrow we will upload more TAF Night, TAF Night…all uploaded on the weekennnndddddd πŸ™‚ Check back tomorrow and Sunday for swing choirs and songs and more!

TAF Night 2011: JAM CREW

We’ll be releasing the TAF Night acts in the next few days. More to come as quickly as our tafLabs computers can handle!