Junior High

The Junior High Program (JH) is for children who have completed grades 6-8.

After leaving the comfort and safety of grade school, middle school is often a transitional stage. Kids in this age group experience a new level of independence that is often accompanied by outside pressure to grow up and meet others’ expectations.rsz_untitled-0886

The conference theme rotates every year between Identity, Ethics and Values, Communication and Leadership. TAF empowers JH campers with self confidence in hopes that it will help them during this transitional stage and beyond.

Because this is a transitional period, the group structure for JH is similar to the Juniors Program. By having two counselors leading a small group of 6-8 allows kids to have the space to slowly explore their independence within the safe cocoon of their small group.

A typical day for a kid in JH begins with waking up and having breakfast at 6am. First sessions start at 7:30 with workshops that challenge campers to question, discuss and reflect topics related to the theme and relevant to their lives beyond the TAF summer conference.

After lunch, JH activities can range from playing games and learning Taiwanese with cultural sessions like Sai Men Shuo (a Taiwanese version of Simon Says) to learning swing choir choreography for TAF Night.

Then with 5pm dinner finished, JH campers have evening activities such as an informal dance or Taiwan Night Market. Curfew is at 10 and then it’s lights out by 11:30pm.